Our Favorite Local Influencers

Updated: 2022-12-08

The best kept secret for finding new events and experiences around Metro Phoenix is following the Social Media accounts of local influencers. Here are our favorite locals!


Wild Joy Experiences

If you’re looking for amazing Arizona travel ideas, Wild Joy is the account for you! The creator covers a ton of smaller, local events that most people would never know about. We love that she’s bringing exposure and representation to all sorts of activities! She also posts a fair amount of day/weekend trips if you’re looking to get out the Valley for a short trip.

AZ Foodie

She’s one of (if not THE) original foodie account based in Arizona. Her AZ Fooide account has great food related content. On her page you’ll find the best hidden gems all over the Phoenix Valley.

Aiesha Beasley

Best for new events, restaurants and parties around the valley. Her fun, relatable personality will draw you in. Also, If you want to be an Arizona content influencer, she’s a great person to follow! She openly talks about the struggles and triumphs of being the first content creator out of Tucson, Arizona (she’s Scottsdale based now).

Señor Foodie

As an Arizona native, he has a knack for finding all varieties of foods. If you’re trying to find the best [insert any food] in Arizona, this is your guy. We love that he breaks down the best food based on cuisine and location. Give Señor Foodie a follow and get ready to dig in to some delicious food!

Local City Accounts

Follow your local city to get the inside scoop on events happening near you. Here are a few accounts to get you started:

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